Sunday, August 6, 2017

Skyzoo - "Peddler Themes" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

"Peddler themes" the latest EP from Brooklyn MC Skyzoo is a mediocre effort at best. This is a hustlers tale that opens and closes with a mom explaining how she tries to but can't keep her son out of the streets. The concept of the album is definitely not a new one but I can't deny Skyzoo's wordplay skills. The production includes a lot of 90's samples none of which are really outstanding. "Let it fly" is one of best tracks on  this project. The instrumental is smooth, hook is solid and is a great match for his flow. Another stand out track is "95 Bad boy logo". The beat is lackluster but the concept along with his wordplay had me reminiscing. Skyzoo is a very skilled MC but his songwriting skills are piss poor on this project. The hooks don't capture and the tracks aren't enough to keep you listening. I feel like no creativity was put into it. On a 1 to 10 scale I give this EP a 3 off if the strength of wordplay. I hope to hear better from him in the future.

Written by: Zeno The Ruler
Twitter: @iHoodscholar