Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dave East - "Paranoia" [EP REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

"Paranoia: A True Story" the latest EP from Harlem's own Dave East makes me anxious for his album. Usually, I don't care about cosigns but when Nas the God gave this kid his stamp I had to show extra interest. What I love about this project outside of the content and storytelling is that it's not full of features, and he is bringing rap hooks back. The EP opens strong with" Paranoia" ft. Jeezy which is exactly what you expect it to be grimy and hard. "The Hated" ft. Nas ,which  doesn't actually feature a verse from Nas is a nice storytelling joint. My favorites so far are "Found a Way" and  "Maneuver" ft. French Montana. They both have catchy hooks and dope soulful production. The content throughout the project is reminiscent of late 90's NY rap and I'm loving it. Now, Mr. East doesn't really switch up his flow but it works for him because he has great track selection. The "Perfect" track ft. Chris Brown is cool but I honestly don't feel it was needed. It seems like something that was thrown together for promotional purposes. These small things aside this was a solid effort from Dave. I can't wait till his album drops.

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Written By: Zeno The Ruler
Twitter: @iHoodscholar