Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kevin Gates - "By Any Means 2" [MIXTAPE REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

An extended prison sentence didn't stop Louisiana hit maker Kevin Gates from dropping the second installment of his "By Any Means" mixtape series. If you know anything about Gate's music then you know his beat selection is great, he's going to bring melodic hooks/flow, and he is guaranteed get personal. "By any means 2" is no exception to these expectations. The intro song "No love" sets the tone with a slow tempo heavy on the base type track on which he flows about having no love for those in his way. On "Had To" which is one if my favorites on this project Gates sings on the hook "Too many snakes in my grass yea I had to mow it" as he raps about being "the snake" himself and dealing with "the snakes" in his verses. "Beautiful Scars” Feat. PnB Rock ,which is the only feature on the mixtape, "Why I" and "Came up" produced by Muddy waters all stay with the same theme of loss and perseverance that we are use to from Gates. Stand out tracks from this project are "Fucking right" on which he his doing a bit of "Gangsta crooning" & "What if" where he does his own version of "One of Us" by Joan Osborne. The only downside to this mixtape is that the concepts are recycled but Gates finds new ways to keep us listening by his creative arrangement of hooks and cadences. This project is solid and worthy of repetitive play which is more than I can say for most rap/hip hop projects these days. I love how he doesn't acquire features to appeal to others audiences but stays in his creative space. I will be bumping "By any means 2" until the next one drops.

Written By: Zeno The Ruler
Twitter: @iHoodscholar