Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Elijah The Young Prophit Interview

MR100: What's good Elijah The Young Prophit, I think your name is dope.

ETYP:  I Appreciate it my man, I really feel I am a Young Prophit.

MR100: Coming up in the birthplace of hip hop, the South Bronx, you have some big shoes to fill reppin that borough. How will you make the people know you are ready to show your talents?
ETYP:  Well I love Fat Joe and Big Pun but as in new Bronx artists there are none I’m really interested in at the moment, but Joe and Pun are legends man and I love what they brought to the table.

MR100: I see you respect some of the legends in hip hop such as Tupac, Biggie and Jay Z, are they your biggest musical influences?
ETYP: Yes because they made a strong cultural impact that is second to none, timeless songs and more. They are the true definition of greatness.

MR100: With a lot of dope MC's hailing from the South Bronx, who is your favorite MC from the South Bronx? 

ETYP: Right now we have a strong nice scene, going, I have many I respect who is out working. Shout Out to the Bronx, I don't have one favorite in particular but I love all who are out grinding.

MR100: In this era of hip hop where lyrics don't matter, what is more important to you, Bars or just a dope beat to flow on?
ETYP:  Definitely bars because the beat can be dope but the lyrics that are put on to it is like the icing to the cake. So if you nothing important or interesting to say on it I’d suggest finding another career.

MR100: Are you looking to get signed to a major record label or remain indie?
ETYP:  I’m ambivalent towards that decision. I’d love to sign to a major label and have exponential exposure and notoriety but then again my finance would be 15% or higher. And then I have to worry about masters and all the like. But if I go indie I’d reap all of the benefits of my work and get my hands on most of the profits that I earn. This is a topic that will be discussed thoroughly before a decision will be made.

MR100: Which do you like to do more, recording or performing?
ETYP:  I love them both equally because I have a chance to express who I am through lyrics and performance. And they both give me a rush to do better the next time out. On that stage the adrenaline has no limit.

MR100: Explain your style?
ETYP:  I like to think of myself as an avid thinker and paradoxical lyricist. I’m known for the punchlines and the way I deliver the lyrics. I feel like my personal self beyond the music plays a part in how my style is how it is because I always liked riddles and plays on words. Especially brain twisters that made you think and say “ohhh” when you finally got it. That’s the reaction I love to see.

MR100: When will your new EP be released?
ETYP:  I don’t discuss the release date of any of my music because I think the internet is known to flip and twist your words into something that was never relevant in the first place. So this can be a “wait and see” type of thing

MR100: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as an artist?
ETYP:  I see myself being a musical powerhouse on top of the industry. A lot of artists think this but there are very few that are truly dedicated. In the next 5 years I see myself being incredibly upgraded lyrically musically and mentally. Collaborating with the industry’s best artists will become a reality.

MR100: Thank you, Young Prophit for allowing me to interview you. Shout out where the fans can find you on social media?
ETYP:  You’re welcome brother. You and the fans can find me on Instagram @youngprophit