Saturday, February 3, 2018

Chilldoh Muggy Interview

MR100: I see you repping New Jersey, name your top 3 rappers that made it big from the Garden State.

CM: Joe Budden, but id we're talk about back in the day, you have Queen Latifa and Naughty By Nature
MR100: From reading your bio, I see you are a seasoned artist. Are you looking to get signed by a major record label or will you stay indie?
CM: Indie until the time is right and I have enough leverage to partner with a major label
 MR100: How would you explain your style?
CM: Wavy and unorthodox, thought provoking bars with intoxicating flows, great music to smoke to and catch a vibe  

MR100: Besides rapping, do you have any other talents?
CM: Knowing super random trivia and pointless info, I'm like the human google especially when it comes to hiphop. I like to research information and learn new things
MR100: Which do you like more, performing or recording?
CM: Recording by far. I'm a studio rat, I just love creating music and finding sounds and new flows. My goal is to eventually become a song writer and producer
MR100: Name 3 artists dead or alive you would love to do a song with. 
CM: I definitely need a song with Max B and Wiz Khalifa and I would also do a project with Curren$y produced by Dre..but I need the Chronic Dre not the 2018 Dre
MR100: Who are your biggest influences?
CM: My biggest influences in music are Max B, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Drake and Jay-z
MR100: In the next 5 years, where do you see yourself at with your career?

CM: Being a major underground artist with a classic album, touring, running my own studio, writing and producing for other artist. Basically living off my music,
 Thank you Chilldoh Muggy for allowing me to interview you, shout out your social media.

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