Saturday, April 21, 2018


Artist: J.Cole 

Album: KOD

Label: RocNation

Best Songs: "KOD", "1985", "Window Pain", "Once an Addict"

Rating: 8
(Rating System 1-10)

Jermaine Cole released his 5th studio album "K.O.D."on the annual marijuana holiday 4/20. I guess that ties into the theme of the album which is addiction. The title K.O.D. stands for kids on drugs. I always been a fan of Cole since his first mixtape "The Come Up" released back in 2007, I just never thought he would become one of the biggest artists today. It's refreshing to hear and see a artist such as Cole get so much love because of his introspective lyrics. The album 12 songs deep with one feature from a mysterious artist named Kill Edward but I think its really Cole so technically he has no features. After listening to the album 3 times, I kept going back to the song "1985" which is the outro but the best song. It's a song about people being judgemental to the young artists now and while at it, on the second verse he came at a rapper who dissed him. J. Cole came at that rapper like he's his father by breaking down all the politics of the hip hop industry, it was so dope. My second best song is "Window Pain", intro to the song is a child telling a story of a family member getting shot. The song represents all similar stories in the ghettos across America. It's almost like J.Cole is a rapping therapist. My third best song is "Once an Addict", a song about his mother's addiction. It's a very personal song, his mom's addiction cause him to be in pain. Overall, this album is way better than "4 Your Eyez Only". I think J.Cole picked the right moment to release a album themed about addictions, because in this era of popular hip hop music drugs are highly promoted. It's good to see an artist choose to go against the grain. Also, this isn't a album that sounds good sonically but his content exceeds the lackluster production. It's definitely worth listening to over and over.