Sunday, October 14, 2018

Styles P x Dave East - "Beloved" [ALBUM REVIEW]

With two months left in 2018, I'm still amazed at how outstanding this year has been for hip hop. It feels like every other week this year we got surprised by a dope album... Styles P the best rapper out of the legendary trio the Lox is back again with another album. This time it’s a joint album with one of this Era’s most talented rappers, Dave East.. I think this is the third joint album from Styles P, I really enjoy these joint albums.. This album is 13 songs long filled with gritty bars and dope beats.. I actually was delightedly surprised how Dave East held his own with Styles P, almost sound like he would fit perfectly as the fourth member of the Lox.. All throughout the album Styles P and Dave East trade bars about drugs, violence and sex with that typical NY sound. Even tho its the same recycled content, both artists are good enough to make it sound entertaining and not boring. My only problem I have with Dave East is that he doesn't change his flow or cadence, the bars are superior tho. I'm still waiting for more growth from Dave East.. My favorite songs are "Beloved", "It's Litt", "Do You Know What Time It Is", "In The Jungle" and "Load My Gun". Overall, this album has major repeat value and you wont be disappointed.