Saturday, October 20, 2018

T.I. - "Dime Trap" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

We can all agree that T.I. is a hip hop legend at this point. There aren't many rap artist that have been as consistent or as solid as this guy. The thing with an artist like this is you can only compare them to themselves when analyzing their projects. I must admit I'm always eager to get music from Tip & this album was no different.
"Dime Trap", the latest album from the Southern hip hop Icon T.I., opens with words from Dave Chappelle on "Seasons" ft. Sam Hook. In this song he talks about wanting to be great and what he has done and endured to get there. As usual T.I's track selection is on point with this project. This is important because of the mood T.I. is trying to produce with the content. "Laugh at Em"  goes hard, but if you know T.I. on a Just Blaze track it's regular album procedure. It's a high energy anthem beat and T.I. delivers his usual brag filled flow we have grown to love him for. "Amazing Mr. Fuck up" ft. Victoria MonĂ©t is a song for his wife Tiny expressing his regret for his mistakes in their very public relationship. I don't particularly like this track, but it fits the mood of the message and fits in with the tracklist. I enjoy when Tip & Meek collab so "Jefe" jumped out on the track list to me & I wasn't disappointed, produced by Bangladesh the track has a Latin feel and they both perform well on it. I'm sure most Trap music fans enjoyed the early 2000's feel of "More & More" ft Jeezy & "Wraith" ft. Yo Gotti though they are probably in my least favorites on this project. I like the songs "Looking Back" and "Light Day" a lot because they both showcase a grown man's reflection on life and lessons learned. To me these types of messages are so important in music especially today when there seems to be such a disconnect between the hip hop generations. "You" ft. Teyana Taylor is on this same wave, but stands out to me a little more than the others based on the life philosophies in the verses. T.I. has been in the game a long time and even though he has spoken on many of these topics before I finally feel like he has hit OG status musically. This felt like an ol head album and with his commentary I feel like that was the goal. This album is solid and with Wayne dropping a few weeks ago feels right on time to someone who loved when they ran the South. It doesn't make it into my top 3 T.I. albums because not many tracks have the replay value I am use to, but it's definitely worth the listen. 

Written By: Zeno The Ruler

Twitter: @iHoodscholar